Jewel Cutting

Increase this skill to decrease the chance of failing to cut and polish a gem. Cut gems are worth 2 times more than non-cut ones.

To see if you successfully cut a gem, roll a 1d20 and add your level. If it’s above the gem’s level, it is successfully cut. If not, it is turned into useless powder.

Item Level
Red Spinel 0
Black Spinel 0
Orange Sunstone 0
Yellow Sunstone 5
White Sunstone 5
Rose Quartz 5
Rough Qaurtz 10
Star Sapphire 10
Rock Pearl 20
Orange Peridot 20
Azure Sapphire 20
Green Quartz 20
Kunzite 20
Deep Onyx 20
Rough Opal 30
Malachite 30
Kunzite 30
Almandine Garnet 30
Blue Fluorite 40
Diamond 40
Chrome Chalcedony 40
Azurite Crystal 50
Azurite Geode 50
Aventurine Chalcedony 60
Deeprock1 70

1 Cutting this rock results in a bar instead of a cut gem, also if you fail it inflicts 2d6 damage on you and turns to dust.

Jewel Cutting

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