Zivh the Wanderer

Zivh is a paladin who lives by his own code, he doesn't follow the rule of any king or queen. Zivh is an old friend of Therius the king of Hammervale, and he joined the quest for the 8 scepters simply to keep the balance of power.


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300 hundred years ago, when Zivh was but a young knight, he was attacked by cultists of Hextor. In defense of himself Zivh slew all the cultists. This enraged Hextor, but instead of destroying Zivh in an instant he decided on a far crueler punishment. Zivh was transformed into a fearsome deathknight, of which Hextor had absolute control. Zivh spent the next 50 years slaughtering innocent people and destroying temples that were opposed to Hextor.
Deciding that the world had had enough of this tyrannical rampage the great phoenix Al’ashar descended from the plane of fire to confront Zivh. Zivh not wanting to harm such a beautiful creature tried his best to overthrow the will of Hextor, but to no avail. Luckily, before Zivh could lift his weapon, the phoenix spoke into his mind. “I can see the pureness of your heart young warrior, now is the time to burn the evil from your soul!” Suddenly Zivh was engulfed in holy fire. For many hours the flame washed over his body and soul stripping away the evil Hextor had grown there. In the end Hextor lost his grip upon Zivh, but not before he left a curse on the knight, a curse that Zivh would live forever, live in the memories of the horrifying acts he had committed.
After the great confrontation, Al’ashar approached Zivh once more believing that in order to atone for what he had done he should create an Order dedicated to stopping evil like Hextor’s before it could consume the world again.
In honour of Al’ashar’s great deed, Zivh name this group, The Silver Order of Al’ashar. But, Zivh wouldn’t stay, afraid of what might happen if Hextor were to try to consume him again. Zivh stayed only long enough to train the first generation of paladins. Teaching them the art of swordplay and divine magic. As Zivh left the order, Al’ashar approached him for a final time, the great phoenix only wished one thing, that no matter where Zivh traveled, that he keep strong ties with the order and to bring hope and the light to where ever he might go.
So concludes the past of Zivh the Wanderer, but the story does not end here, for this is Dungeons and Dragons and the story will always go on as long as there are willing hearts ready to go on mighty adventures!

Zivh the Wanderer

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