Tordek Bronzeanvil

A dwarf runemaster who believes in good for all. Played by Nick.


4’2" (size +0), 130 pounds, and has cold, hard, blue eyes. He’s bald and has a thick brown beard. His name is spelled B.A.D.A.S.S. in gnomish (not really, but it’s to demonstrate his pure, concentrated awesome).

He’s good-neutral and he believes in Moradin, the god of dwarves. He is a runemaster.

Hit die: d8.

His weapon is a 2h rune weapon mace called “Uersan”.


Tordek Bronzeanvil is the only nephew to Lord Therius and a runemaster.

He likes long walks on the beach.

-“Oh quit your whining, it’s only a flesh wound.”
-“Lemme give ya a bit of… oh no! Well that won’t do…” – Tordek Bronzeanvil after casting a holy healing spell on an undead ally.


“Tordek, you shall be the mighty successor to me…”, Azgar Stonemantle the great Runeweaver whispers to Tordek as he is dying on the battlefield. “These monsters will make it through, here take this medallion. Cherish it… for your life…”. As the rain struck down in the mud on the cold battlefield where thousands were slain and hundreds fight after hours of battle, Azgar Stonemantle, Tordek’s mentor, dies. The pain is unbearable for Tordek. Tordek grasps the nearest warhammer and charges with all his anger and strength into the war. He swings his club, splatters the brains right out of a dark orc. He continues charging, slaying every orc that got in his way. Much anger pours out of Tordek…

…10 years later, a new tale has begun. Tordek, now a successful runemaster, has learned the ways to becoming what many have wanted to be: a Runeweaver. Tordek lived a simple life consisting of training and teaching the ways that his mentor had once taught him.

“Take this mace, and show me its true power,” Azgar requests Tordek, age 9, to do. Tordek held the large club, almost too heavy for him, and you could see what appeared to be a red aura of mist. “Very good! Now let’s try something harder..,” Azgar pulled out a goat with a big gash on its leg. “You must save it, Tordek. Show me how you will save the poor, innocent goat.” Tordek, only 9 years old, knew exactly what to do. He grabbed a tome from the enormous bookshelf that dwarfed the tiny Tordek and flip to what looks almost like a random page. He begins to read and almost instantly closes the book. After a few seconds of thinking, he places his hand above the gash on the goat. An amazingly bright glow emanates from his hand and the wound began to swell up and shut. All Azgar did was smile.

Remembering Azgar will be very easy for Tordek. He was his mentor and his father who was slain at the battle of Hammervale against the dark orcs. He will never forget that day.

Now, continuing his life and serving solely for Hammervale as one of the most impressive heroes and Runemasters, an aspiring Runeweaver, Tordek promises Lord Therius he will not let the Templar down. He will prevail. He will honour his people and make sure all evil is dealt with in the most Dwarven way possible.

Tordek Bronzeanvil

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